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Any way you’d like! Your assistant can hop into any app or workflow you’re already using. For example, if you communicate primarily via email, your assistant will email you. If you use WhatsApp, your assistant will chat with you there. If you prefer talking on the phone, your assistant will call you. We’ll work with you via your preferred way to chart the course.

That’s totally fine! If you and your assistant agree, your assistant can work overtime. Overtime must be confirmed over text or email by both you and the assistant. This is to ensure that you’ve clearly approved every hour of overtime worked.

You won’t be charged if your assistant needs to take time off if they get sick or go on vacation. In the case of prolonged unavailability, you may look for a new or a backup Assistant.

PMGo is fully remote with an operational headquarters in the Philippines. Our assistants are smart, 100% fluent in English, and have graduated from top universities in the Philippines.

Our assistants are looking to work remotely for startups or small to midsize businesses. We do not operate a “call center”—we have a screening process for the companies we work with, and we pay our assistants significantly above the market rate.

Yes! 100% of our assistants have a college degree.

PMGo leverages a proprietary selection criteria and multi-step process to vet assistants and find the best match for each PMGo client. This process includes an in-depth questionnaire, phone interview, and screening call with the potential client to ensure users are matched with the right assistant.

We do not allow PMGo clients to hire our Assistants indirectly or directly under any circumstances except by written consent and a $6,000 release fee. Contact us for more information.

None whatsoever. We don’t have any one-time fees. Your kickoff strategy call is included in your first month for free!

Yes! If multiple capabilities across tier levels are of interest, PMGo can construct a discounted monthly rate. For clients that want 40 hour packages or more, PMGo will invest in a specialty assistant focusing on project management for free.

Yes, you can. If you need to, you can downgrade or upgrade your plan. When you request a plan change, it will go into effect the following month.

No, you can cancel whenever you need to. Note that your cancellation will go into effect the following month, and we’re not able to credit back or prorate unused hours.

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